Criminal Lawyers & Criminal Defense Attorney in Hamburg, NY

If you are confronted with a criminal charge, no matter how minor, you should immediately speak with a defense attorney.  A consultation will help you understand the charges against you, your options and possible defense, what plea bargains might be offered, and how to proceed if you are convicted.  Shaw & Shaw, P.C. represents people charged with criminal conduct, or who have had a lawsuit filed against them, exhaustively fighting on their behalf.  With an extensive background in criminal defense, we often know the prosecutors involved, can get concessions other counselors might miss, and have most likely handled cases similar to yours, allowing us to better advise you of your options.

Criminal Law | Hamburg, NY & WNY

Our firm is committed to helping people navigate the complex, stressful, and often overwhelming legal system.  We make sure you are treated fairly, protecting your rights and freedoms, identifying key pretrial issues, issuing motions that better your situation, and if possible, working to get your case dismissed.  With an experienced defense attorney as your advocate, you are not left to the mercy of prosecutors or judges who are looking to get a conviction.  At Shaw & Shaw, P.C., we put our full resources to work for you, fighting to protect you from injustice and mistreatment.

Many criminal cases are handled outside the courtroom.  Plea negotiations are when the excellent communication and negotiating skills of the attorneys from Shaw & Shaw, P.C. benefit you, making certain your rights are defended to the highest degree.  We know the court system, have extensive knowledge of plea bargain details, and are always aggressively working toward the best possible outcome.  We are knowledgeable on drunk driving laws.  A DWI conviction can add up quickly when files, court costs, jail time, loss of work, and loss of driving privileges are factored in.  With the help of our seasoned attorneys, you stand a much better chance of minimized DWI penalties.

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From minor to major criminal issues, the team at Shaw & Shaw, P.C. is here to give you the best legal representation we can!

Shaw & Shaw, P.C. also offers you a wealth of experience in terms of traffic tickets.  By representing you in traffic court, and working with judges and prosecutors to get your charges dropped or reduced, we strive to prevent high fines and other penalties associated with your ticket.  Keep in mind that your driving record has an enormous impact on the price of your car insurance premium.  A traffic violation can significantly affect your rates.  We work as your advocate, challenging your traffic ticket and assisting you in the effort to maintain an unblemished driving record and insurance rates.

With the experience, insight, and full resources of the Shaw & Shaw, P.C. working for you, you can rest assured you rights are protected.  Contact us if you’re facing a criminal charge of any kind, and together, we will create a strategy for your legal defense.