Civil Litigation Attorney – Hamburg, NY

Life is complicated enough.  When you’re confronted with disputes, the stress and complexities can be overwhelming, and there is often a great deal at stake.  You are certainly hoping to prevent a dispute from escalating into a long and costly court case.  It is essential you receive immediate and informative advice from an experienced attorney, who is familiar with a wide range of areas and maintains your best interest as a priority.  The attorneys from Shaw & Shaw, P.C. have background acting for either claimants or defendants and are dedicated to resolving your disputes swiftly and with the most satisfactory outcome.

We’ll provide you with a civil litigation attorney you can trust.

Shaw & Shaw, P.C. offers the concise and helpful advice you need to achieve your goals.  Court proceedings may not be the best course, and we will not recommend litigation if a resolution can be reached by a more beneficial or economical method, such as mediation or negotiated settlement.  Our exceptional communication skills, experience in a range of sectors, and concise strategies work for you to facilitate the process and ensure effective results.

Shaw & Shaw, P.C. clearly outlines your options, benefits, and drawbacks, and works closely with you, keeping an open line of communication during every step of the process.  We personalize recommendations and services to your specific circumstances, taking you through every step of filing and pursuing a non-criminal lawsuit.  Our comprehensive background and a broad range of resources put you in a better position to reach a successful outcome.

Shaw & Shaw, P.C. is proud to offer civil litigation services throughout the Hamburg and Buffalo areas!

Civil litigation is a loose term and includes a number of areas of law.  The main component of all civil litigation is that there is a dispute between individuals, partnerships, or companies.  If an amicable agreement cannot be decided between parties by way of negotiation and settlement, then the dispute will continue on a litigious basis through the civil courts.  Shaw & Shaw, P.C. represents a wide cross-section of clients in trials, hearings, arbitrations, and mediations.  Our knowledge of the substantive and procedural law, legal research capabilities, negotiation skills, and professionalism in conflict are your greatest asset.  We work diligently to bring about a swift and early settlement, without the need of the courts.