Business and corporate law is a complicated and complex world of its own.  When you are trying to meet the demands of your business, you probably don’t have the time to deal with the numerous but important legal issues.  You can’t risk a misstep, but without the background to fully grasp all the intricate and often overwhelming details, costly and stressful problems can result.  Having an experienced business law attorney in your corner can make all the difference.

We can manage your business and corporate law needs!

The dedicated professionals from Shaw & Shaw, P.C. can assist you in the daily operation of your business and manage the diverse range of requirements. This includes everything from taxes, finance, corporate/business formations, acquisitions, mergers, employment/labor laws, contract negotiations, SLA’s, asset purchases, sales, liquor laws, and corporate litigation.


If you are just starting out, Shaw & Shaw, P.C. can guide you in the structuring of your business.  There are advantages and disadvantages to a sole proprietorship, partnerships, corporations, and limited liability companies, and we will outline them in a way that allows you to determine the best way to proceed.  If you are looking to restructure your current business, our experienced attorneys can provide the recommendations and advice you need to protect your interests.

Our reliable business formation and corporation attorneys will give you the legal assistance you need!

With years of experience and an extensive background in business and corporate law, Shaw & Shaw, P.C. brings the tools you need to operate a smooth and proper business.  Through professionalism and competence, we strive to eliminate worry from your day-to-day routine and allow your business to grow.  Know that our full resources are at your disposal, and the highest level of personalized attention is dedicated to your needs.