For steadfast, effective representation in Western New York, Shaw & Shaw, P.C. is the Law Firm you can trust.  Our specialized attorneys are here to defend you.  If you are confronted with a DWI charge, contact us immediately.  The sooner we get started, the better.  Our office is here to serve you, and prompt response is the initial step toward a positive outcome.  We protect the future of drivers faced with a first-time DWI or the weighty repercussion of a multiple offense DWI.  Recognizing that this is an extremely stressful time, we guide you through crucial decisions that greatly impact the final results.

Dedicated Legal Services for DWIs

We listen.  Your case is unique, as are your concerns.  Rest assured that Shaw & Shaw, P.C. takes a personalized approach.  Your attorney will lay out an effective strategy that serves your exact situation.  Through concise and frequent communication, your experienced representative keeps you updated, provides information and knowledgeable recommendations, and respects your wishes.  We ensure that your case moves through the court process smoothly.  All procedures are respected, every crucial factor meticulously investigated, your case properly prepared, and the legal writing is accurate and articulate.


Shaw & Shaw, P.C. verifies the facts.  We check the collected evidence, the state qualifications of the individual who stopped you, and whether or not your constitutional rights were violated during the stop.  If there is a possibility of challenging the DWI charge, we act on it.  We also work to reduce the penalties.  Whether your driver’s license is necessary for work or family, a suspended license isn’t convenient.  If this is your initial DWI or DWAI conviction, we advise you to take advantage of the New York Drinking Driver Program (DDP), and we’ll do everything possible to secure a conditional license from the courts.  Have confidence that Shaw & Shaw, P.C. fights for your rights.

Trust in Shaw & Shaw, P.C. if you need an attorney for DWI charges or tickets!

Founded in 1976, our reputation for excellence is based on an extensive background in the area of DWI.  To serve our clients more effectively, our attorneys concentrate in specific areas, and we limit our caseload.  Every step of the process is important to you, and a priority for us.  Our commitment to your representation includes availability, open dialogue, and the ample attention your case deserves.  Have confidence that when you put your trust in Shaw & Shaw, P.C., your attorney is dedicated to achieving the most beneficial results.