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Shaw & Shaw, P.C. focuses on bringing our clients timely and knowledgeable solutions to their legal and business needs.  We understand the importance of having experienced counsel on your side.  Distinguished by the full range of services we offer and depth of resources, we assist clients with protecting and enforcing their copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights, licensing or exploiting their creative works, acquiring and distributing content, and selecting, securing and protecting product and service names.

Buffalo’s Sports and Entertainment Law Professionals

The attorneys at Shaw & Shaw, P.C. remain current in the evolving business of sports and entertainment, and the varied legal needs of a specialized industry that operates across different legal areas.  We offer dedicated and focused representation in the litigation and arbitration of contractual and other disputes for clients in these many-faceted industries.  Providing legal and consulting services to clients in the media and entertainment industries, Shaw & Shaw, P.C. oversees all aspects of their legal and business affairs.

When you need a sports or entertainment attorney, trust in Shaw & Shaw, P.C.!

Our firm is dedicated to providing sound, professional, and courteous legal and business services.  Shaw & Shaw, P.C. protects your best interests as a trusted sports and entertainment counsel, through a wide variety of strategic assistance, designed to support and advance clients needs.  We represent a diverse groups of athletes and entertainment professionals, representing their interests, protecting their rights, and offering legal advice and services tailored to their exact concerns and goals.

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